Understanding the Role of the Dental Hygienist

Dental care is important. In this regard, one of the important people involved in the entire dental care process is the dental hygienist.


While you may have heard of a dental hygienist, you may not know exactly what a dental hygienist does in this day and age. Through this article, you are provided with an overview of the work of the dental hygienist in your overall dental care plan and regimen.

General Duties of a Dental Hygienist

In simple terms, a dental hygienist is involved in assisting a patient in maintaining a health mouth. To this end, the typical dental hygienist provides to a patient regular teeth cleanings and gum care.


A dental hygienist receives specialized training and certification before he or she is able to work on patients. In most locations, a dental hygienist must participate in an internship type of program, working directly under the supervision of a dentist, before that dental hygienist can receive official certification.


What a Dental Hygienist Cannot Do

A dental hygienist cannot make any diagnosis of any potential problem that may exist with your teeth or gums. Certainly, a dental hygienist may recognize a problem when it exists, but in the end it is up to the dentist to make a full evaluation, issue a diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment for you.


A dental hygienist cannot undertake any dental procedures beyond the basic cleaning and teeth polishing processes that are the mainstay of their efforts. Certainly, they cannot involve themselves in any invasive procedures like teeth extractions and the like.


In the end, the name dental hygienist is a very apt title when it comes to describing what such a professional can and cannot do when it comes to dental care regimens in the 21 st century.

How Often Should You See a Dental Hygienist?

There is some variation from patient to patient in regard to how often a dental hygienist should be seen. With that said, a person really should see a dental hygienist twice a year if he or she wants to ensure teeth and gum health.


Most people, of course, are doing good if they make it to the dental hygienist once a year. While once a year is okay . twice a year really is the more recommended course.


If you are experiencing different types of problem with your teeth and gums, you will want to see a dental hygienist even more often than once or twice a year. Some people who have had problems with their teeth and gum have found that these various conditions can be improved by seeing a dental hygienist three to four times a year.


Of course, there are costs associated with seeing a dental hygienist. However, most people do agree that the costs associated with a dental hygienist pale in comparison to the costs that a person can incur of he or she has more serious dental problems on down the road. Seeing a dental hygienist can be a true investment in overall dental good health.




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