Your Initial Consultation: Interviewing the Dentist

On your first visit to a new dental office, on your initial consultation, it is important that you take the initiative to interview the dentist. By taking the step to interview the dentist during an initial consultation in a dental office, you will be better able to evaluate whether or not a particular dentist is the right choice for you and your family.


When it comes to interviewing a dentist during an initial consultation, there are some points that you should keep in mind:

The Education of the Dentist

One line of questioning that you will want to pursue with your dentist during your initial consultation involves that dentist's educational background. Of course, you will want to make certain that you dentist has graduated from an accredited dental school. Unfortunately, in many countries the world over, there are dentists that actually do not have degrees from accredited schools. Despite governmental oversight, there are instances in which a dentist can set up practice without having received a degree from an accredited dental school.


By interviewing a dentist about his educational background, you will be able to determine whether a dentist really does have the basic qualifications to meet your dental care needs and the dental care needs of your family.


The Experience of the Dentist

During your initial consultation with a dentist, have that dentist outline for you generally his or her experience. Of course, you do not need every detail of that dentist's practice experiences through the years. However, it will be helpful if your dentist can touch upon the major experiences he or she has had in the area of dentistry.


By way of example, if you are a senior citizen, you might be interested in knowing if your dentist has had specific experience in dealing with the dental care needs of older men and women. The dental care needs of older people can be notable different than the needs and requirements of a younger group of patients.


The prior experiences of a dentist can help you evaluate whether or not he or she can best provide you with the types of dental care services you need from a dentist today.

The Practice of the Dentist

The final line of questioning that you will want to pursue with a dentist should involve discussing the practice of the dentist. Find out some basic information about the nature of the practice of the dentist that you are considering hiring for your own dental care needs.


In this regard, find out who he or she treats. By this it is meant see if he or she specializes in serving the needs of any type of patient (families, elderly people, people with significant dental health needs).


In the end, by properly interviewing the dentist yourself as part of your initial consultation, you will best be able to determine whether a particular dentist is right for you.




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