Common Dental Concerns: Plaque and Tartar

One of the most common and widespread of all dental concerns involves plaque and tartar. Indeed, plaque and tartar are problems that afflict everyone at some point in time. By dealing with plaque and tartar issues, you will be in a better position to guarantee better dental health now and into the future.

How Do I Get Plaque and Tartar?

A common question that people ask is how does plaque and tartar accumulate in a person's mouth, on a person's teeth. Each time we eat or drink, residue and bacteria accumulates on and between our teeth. If this is not removed, plaque and tartar can begin to form in a very short amount of time.


Flossing and brushing are the main lines of defense against plaque and tartar in the first instance. If you floss and brush your teeth often -- if you floss and brush your teeth after meals -- you will have a far better chance of reducing the amount of plaque and tartar that will accumulate on your teeth and between your teeth.


There are also some plaque and tartar rinses on the market today that can be helpful in conjunction with a flossing and brushing regimen. However, nothing takes the place of proper and regular flossing and brushing.


What Can I Do To Treat Plaque and Tartar?

While treatment is important, prevention is a far better course of action. If you follow the prevention tips that were discussed earlier in this article, you will not accumulate as much plaque and tartar on and between your teeth.


With that said, even a person who does follow all recommended oral hygiene regimens will end up with some plaque and tartar accumulating on and between the teeth. For this reason, it is important for you to obtain a professional teeth cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist regularly. In fact, if you are serious about preventing and dealing with plaque and tartar -- and you should be so serious -- you should have a professional teeth cleaning twice a year . more often if you are experiencing problems with gum disease.

So, What's the Big Deal About Plaque and Tartar?

Plaque and tartar really is a big deal . a serious problem. Left to accumulate and left untreated, plaque and tartar will lead to serious gum disease. Serious gum disease will result in a person losing his or her teeth . at a minimum.


Please keep wll in mind that this article cannot take the place of obtaining professional dental care advice from a licensed dentist. This article has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for a dental care consultation. This article is only intended to give you an overview of the problems of and associated with plaque and tartar.


If you have any concerns about your dental health, including about plaque and tartar, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible




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