Common Dental Concerns: Tooth Discoloration

One of the most common dental concerns today is tooth discoloration. In fact, when polled about their teeth, most people rate tooth discoloration to be their number one concern, even far and above gum disease -- which can have dire consequences.


Through this article, you will be provided a basic overview of the problem of tooth discoloration -- and what can be done to prevent tooth discoloration or restore a nice coloration to teeth if tooth discoloration has occurred.

The Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Any dentist will tell you that there are a number of different causes of tooth discoloration. The more common causes of tooth discoloration are:

  1. Age
  2. Genetic factors
  3. Items you eat and drink

As a person ages, teeth discolor. That is a simple process associated with getting older. It is unavoidable on many levels.


Genetic factors also play a role in tooth discoloration. Depending on a person's genetic makeup, teeth may discolor at a faster rate.



Finally, the foods you eat and the beverages you drink during the course of a day can have a very significant impact on tooth discoloration. For example, if you drink coffee and tea, your teeth can end up becoming discolored in a pretty short amount of time.

How To Prevent Tooth Discoloration

Of course, despite our best hopes, there is nothing one can do about halting the aging process. The natural discoloration of teeth that occurs as we age . occurs, plain and simple. Perhaps by adopting a more healthy lifestyle you will be able to slow the process of tooth discoloration at least to some degree.


What you can control is tooth discoloration that occurs because of food items and beverage products. By watching what you eat and drink, by avoiding those food and beverage items that can cause tooth discoloration, you can keep your teeth looking better. Your dentist can provide you with a list of those foods and beverages that tend to cause tooth discoloration in most people.

Restoring Teeth to a Nice Shade

There are steps that you can take to restore a better appearance to your teeth, to correct discoloration. There are home whitening products that you can purchase that actually can improve the appearance of your smile.


In addition, your dentist can offer to you different whitening regimens that can also improve your smile in a fairly short amount of time. By consulting with your dentist, you will be able to determine which course of tooth whitening will best meet your needs, goals and objectives.


You do need to keep in mind that this article cannot take the place of obtaining professional dental care advice from a licensed dentist. If you have any concerns about your dental health, including about tooth discoloration, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible.




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