The Use of X-Rays in Dental Care and Dental Treatment

If you are like a growing number of people in many countries around the world, you are making it a point to see your dentist with a greater degree of frequency. You have come to understand the importance of a regular visit to the dentist and to the dental hygienist.


In this regard, you likely have come to realize that a dentist does rely fairly heavily on the use of regular x-rays in the care and treatment of his or her patients. In this regard, you may have been left wondering why a dentist does use x-rays with such a noticeable degree of frequency at this point in time.


Please keep in mind that while this article is intended to provide you with a basic overview of the role x-rays play in a dental practice, this article is not designed or intended to take the place of a direct consultation with your dentist. Therefore, if after reading this article you find that you have any questions about x-rays and your dental health and dental care, you should make an appointment to consult with your dentist.

Why X-Rays?

While a dentist can tell a good deal about a person's teeth through a manual examination (through an examination using the dentist's own eyes) there remain structures under the gum line and within a person's teeth that can only be accessed through the use of x-rays. For this reason, the typical dentist has come to rely upon x-rays with even greater frequency in this day and age.


How Often Should I My Dentist X-Ray My Teeth?

Most dentists now recommend that you have your teeth and mouth x-rayed annually. Of course, if you are experiencing ongoing dental problems, you may have to have x-rays taken with a greater degree of frequency. However, when it comes to preventative dentistry, x-rays one a year should suffice.

Are X-Rays Harmful?

The amount of radiation that is involved in the typical dental x-ray is minimal . minuscule to be precise. Therefore, for the typical health person, dental x-rays pose not risk at all.


If a woman is pregnant, she likely will want to refrain from any kind of x-ray during the course of the pregnancy itself. However, and as has been noted, x-rays -- when properly administered -- do not pose a health risk to a dental patient.

Are X-Rays Expensive?

Of course, there can be some pretty significant cost and fee variations from one dental office ot the next. However, with that understood, in many locations in North America (for example) one can receive an appropriate dental x-ray at a cost of about $100.


Most dental insurance plan and policies will cover at least annual dental x-rays. These polices and plans oftentimes will cover more frequent dental x-rays is a disease, condition or defect is found to exist that does require more frequent dental x-rays.




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